The HER Power Purpose

To live…A life that’s happy. A life that’s healthy.

A life where good days far outnumber the bad.  A life that you take the time to enjoy.  A life that you are thankful for.  A life where you genuinely smile from within.  A life where you genuinely love yourself and give yourself the love it needs.

Life isn’t meant to be a spectator sport.
We only have one life to live so why live it on the sidelines?
Welcome to HER Power Lifestyle. My purpose is to get you back into the game of life.
To create a healthy life where you’re happy and you look and feel fabulous. My purpose is to get you to love you again.
Together we’ll give you the power to improve your Health, Energy and see Results.
We’ll get you fit and fabulous.

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I want you to keep reading to discover WHAT I am so excited about! I’m absolutely passionate about living the healthiest life possible and I love to share all the best things I have learned. I have evolved from the overweight kid in grade school to a fit and happy Momma. I’m a certified Personal Trainer, Pilates instructor, Health and Nutrition Coach, published writer, fitness model and Pro Fitness Competitor! I am all about the Body Beautiful—both inside and out!

Listen—big confession here—this has not always been easy for me. I had a huge learning curve. But I learned some great things that I want to pass along to you. Believe it or not, I spent 15 years in the financial world, and then I became a Mom. Soon after my child arrived, I realized that my next chapter in life would be to learn how to help others achieve their health and fitness goals like I did. My journey wasn’t easy. I was obese as a child, had an eating disorder in my teens and have been up and down on the weight scale too. I had body image issues and a negative relationship with food. It wasn’t until a wake-up call in my 20’s that my life changed. I joined a gym, cleaned up my diet, and never looked back. I was determined to do it! With the help of others, I figured out what works for me. You can do it too!

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